Fundraising and Auction Insights

Why Go Digital for Your Next Auction?

What Are Silent Auctions? 

Silent Auctions are a popular fundraising program for charities and non-profits looking to raise funds for their mission. Non-profits would solicit donation items and invite guests to a charity event where they are able to bid on unique items and raise funds for the charity.  At the event, the items are on display and attendees walk around and silently bid on the items they would like to bid on, usually through writing their bid on a designated piece of paper. There is no live auctioneer and there are no paddles. At the end of the auction, the person who bid the highest wins the item.


Now What About Mobile Bidding?

Mobile bidding is similar to a silent auction. However, with mobile bidding, the items are still on display in an event room but guests can use their phones to view and place bids on an item. It also allows donors and supporters from outside the event to participate.


Let’s dive into why you should ditch the bid sheet and go mobile.

Why Bother?

If you are looking for a fresh way to bring your cause into the 21st century, then this is for you. If you are trying to provide a more comfortable and convenient way for individuals to donate, then this is for you. Did you host a silent auction, but things didn’t go too well and now you’re stuck with the leftovers that didn’t sell? It’s time to go digital. 

Anything but Silent

Keeping an auction digital encourages interaction between participants. There is no quiet room of participants walking around silently, waiting their turn to bid on an item. Guests can socialize while bidding on their phones. The participants might feel encouraged to share the auction through their social media. Maybe they want to show off the amazing item they are about to win. Or maybe the auction money is going toward a cause they think their social media followers would want to support as well. 

Easier to Pay

By hosting your mobile auction, you are keeping the whole operation electronic up until the items need to be picked up or shipped. There is no cash involved with a mobile auction as attendees can pay with debit/credit cards. If you use trusted software like iBid, all the payment information of the participants stay secure. When the event ends, there are no long lines of people waiting to pay or waiting to pick up the item that they won. It is an all-around more streamlined experience for the attendees.

Guest Benefits

Guests do not have to worry about running around an auction room bidding on the items they like. There is not a chance they can not get to an item station on time before the auction closes.

Going mobile also eliminates “paper watchers.” Guests will get a notification on their cell phone whenever someone outbids them on an item, so they can spend more time socializing and less time hovering over the bid sheet. Guests can also focus on enjoying the event instead of waiting in long lines. In fact, by keeping it mobile, your participants can come and go from the event as they please. 

By using mobile bidding, you also include everybody. Guests can share the auction event online with friends and family who were not able to make it, allowing everyone to experience the fun.

Being able to participate in an auction at your own convenience is fun. It has the same feeling as winning an item off eBay, but with the additional feeling of giving to a good cause. It is a feel-good version of online shopping. Mobile bidding for charities is relatively new as well. 

You could be the first to give this experience to your donors, or maybe the donors are already used to online bidding. You wouldn’t want to bring them back to the stone age!  Who wouldn’t want to provide their donors with a stress-free, accessible experience?




So if you are a hosting charity, what benefits do you get?

You get to experience less day-of stress. No worries about checking people in, managing the auction, or closing the auction. By using iBid’s OneClick Registration ®, your event instantly becomes more streamlined, efficient, and secure. 

Some charities are afraid to move away from traditional paper auctions. This can be due to high prices or limited technical knowledge. Luckily, iBid is more affordable than other mobile bidding services. By using the iBid AuctionAutopilot™, you can organize and manage every detail of the auction from start to finish with the help of automated steps. iBid’s pricing model is based on your success.  Have no fear, iBid is here. Click here to request a demo