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The 5 Best Silent Auction Tools

Planning a silent auction can be overwhelming, and making sure that you have the best tool or software for mobile bidding and fundraising at your event is important! We took a look at all the tools around and even checked reviews on multiple sites like G2 to help you make the best decision.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:


How will your guests perceive the tool? If you have an older donor base, make sure to check how user friendly and simple a tool is—complicated solutions that require switching back and forth between various parts of an app or screen may turn your donors off.

Price and scale

The tools below come in at a wide range of prices with varying levels of scalability. Make sure you pick something that won’t limit your event.

Support and ease of setup

Thinking through what kind of support a tool offers, as well as it’s relative ease of setup, can help you pick the best option.

Top 5 Silent Auction and Mobile Bidding Tools


Pros: iBid allows guests to check in on their phones, reducing long lines and guest frustration. The software also allows full customization of the look of your mobile bidding page to match your colors and logo, even upload sponsor images. When your event is over, guests receive a text with a link to their digital receipt and can easily checkout through proof of receipt and payment on a touch screen device.

Cons: You’re not using it yet.

Price: iBid’s pricing model is tied to the success of your auction, putting you in control and putting them in your corner to help you raise the most possible—you’ll pay $100 per event and a 2% fee on the mobile auction proceeds that’s capped at $2500 (does not include Live or Fund-A-Need).


Pros: One of the most popular software solutions, OneCause offers mobile bidding, the ability to customize most aspects of the guest experience, and the option to export data to your Donor Management Software. OneCause also offers live support for your event through chat, email, and phone. With an upgraded plan, you can even have one of their staff onsite helping to coordinate your event.

Cons: If you want the ability to swipe credit cards for supporters without smartphones, you’ll need an iPad, as OneCause’s hardware only works with those tablets. Cost tends to be on the higher end—users placed the company in the 76th percentile in comparison to other auction products. However, OneCause requires you to contact them for a quote to understand pricing.

Price: Past users have mentioned that OneCause charges license fees that make using it for multiple events necessary. For more information, you can request a quote for OneCause through their website.


Pros: ClickBid is one of the most recognized mobile bidding software solutions. With everything on mobile for the event, guests can check in and out on their phones, you can send mass messages out, and guests have the option to make their donations yearlong. Additionally, ClickBid has live support available and allows bidders who can’t attend the event to bid remotely.

Cons: You aren’t able to compare results year-of-year easily in the program. Also, the high license cost can also be daunting for a new auction or small nonprofit.

Price: An annual license of their mobile midding software for 4 events runs $795.


Pros: A low price, scalable solution that is appealing for someone starting off, Accelevents also offers notifications when a guest is outbid and easy setup.

Cons: The program lacks customization options for the interface and requires very specific sizing of photos of items—reviewers note it’s not the most attractive option. Additionally, bidding entirely via text message rather than in a web browser may frustrate some of your guests who would find the visuals of a webpage easier to navigate.

Price: $99 account startup + $1 per bidder


Pros: With a beautiful website and impressive client list comes a stock of attractive auction interfaces and the choice between using a mobile app or webpage. Handbid is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and modern of these options—it even comes with an option to display auction stats live on a screen during your event.

Cons: With sophistication comes a high price tag and an a la carte pricing model—you’ll pay an additional fee for event ticketing and other add ons.

Price: Plans ranging from a very basic small auction at $695 to a more robust standard package at $1895

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