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Five Ways to Improve Your Guests’ Experience

Five Ways to Improve Your Guests’ Experience

It’s easy to get stuck on the details and logistics of your event—getting numbers correct, making sure everything will come on time, and rallying your staff to do their part—that we can lose sight of how the guests will experience it. Here are five easy tips for making sure your guests have the best experience possible.

Make it simple and fast

Long lines and complicated processes are two of the biggest complaints attendees have. Make sure you have plenty of staff to welcome people and check them in—and consider a software solution that will let them check in on their phone themselves! Keeping that process quick and easy will set your guests in a great mood.

Don’t make them do anything twice

Entering information on a registration form and at the event, giving credit card info a second time, or having to ask for something one more time—these are easily fixed and go a long way to making your guests feel appreciated and cared for. Many attendees may not notice that they only had to give information once, but they will notice when they have to repeat themselves! Tools like iBid will allow you to keep track of guests’ information without asking again.

Connect them to the cause

Events are meant to be fun, entertaining, and noteworthy. But for a nonprofit event, the real distinguisher is the connection to the cause. Your attendees came because they, or at least someone they know, cares about what your organization does. Find ways to connect them to that mission throughout the event—whether that’s Fund-a-Need options, testimonials from those you help, or even simple touches like photos of your constituents. Your guests will feel good about what they are doing, and your event will be even more meaningful.

Make them the star

One of the biggest mistakes nonprofit event planners make is focusing the event on their organization. “This year, we…” “Our team has made a huge impact…”

Big mistake. Your guests and donors should be the star of the show. Rather than talking about your team, talk about the impact your supporters have had. Focus on the tangible ways their contributions have made a difference. Remind them that they are doing good!

One easy way to do this is to make your organization as transparent in the process as possible. Even little phrases can be tweaked—“Thanks to you, we were able to provide 10,000 meals” can become “Your generosity provided 10,000 meals for hungry people.”

Let them get involved

This means soliciting feedback, showing the ways to continue their support (including, but not only, monetarily), and being timely with follow up. Give your guests opportunities to volunteer for your cause or commit themselves beyond a checkbook. You could ask them to share something with a friend, invite others to your next event, or even just share a recent social media post.

Shifting your guests’ experience from good to great can go a long way towards increasing loyalty and the money you raise. These tips will help ensure your guests are thrilled—and committed to your cause!