Fundraising and Auction Insights

Five Ways to Improve Your Guests’ Experience

July 29, 2019

Five Ways to Improve Your Guests’ Experience It’s easy to get stuck on the details and logistics of your event—getting number...

Why Go Digital for Your Next Auction?

July 11, 2019

What Are Silent Auctions?  Silent Auctions are a popular fundraising program for charities and non-profits looking to raise funds for thei...

The 5 Best Silent Auction Tools

June 13, 2019

See how iBid stacks up against other mobile auction tools, and what it has to offer that you can't get elsewhere.

5 ways to raise more money at your silent auction

June 06, 2019

Be sure that the event is profitable and supports your cause well, and that your donors feel like it mattered.

7 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Silent Auction Event

June 04, 2019

Avoiding these mistakes will help you feel confident in your silent auction efforts.

How to get help soliciting auction items

May 31, 2019

Think about your guests and what they expect, and avoid items that would come across as cheap, unspecial, or off-brand with your organization’s missio

How to Reduce Donor Dropoff for Online Donations

May 30, 2019

Traffic is up but donations are down? Here's how to fix that.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Running Silent and Mobile Bidding Auctions

February 26, 2019

Running a silent auction for the first time, or wanting to improve over the last one? Thinking through the event step-by-step will help ensure every...

Your Guide to Silent and Mobile Auctions

February 18, 2019

Ways to avoid these common issues through mobile auction bidding software and planning.