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iBid was designed with ease in mind. iBid has simplified the way organization connect with their donors. With iBid, mobile bidding is now more affordable and user friendly than ever before.
Get the service you need at a cost you can afford!

Close Up Features


Text your guests updates about the auction and event.

Check In

No need to have guests check in, everything they need to know is right on their phones.

Personalized Bidding Experience

Bidders can create a watch list and view a record of their bidding history.

Online Guest Portal

Guests control their own information. Once you email them an invitation, they will provide you with the rest.

Increased Bidding

When a bidder is outbid on an item they instantly receive a text message that prompts them to raise their bid.

Digital Receipts

After the auction closes guest will receive a text message providing a link to their receipt. This eliminates the check out process.

We’ve Done the Work So You Don’t Have To.

Better For Your Budget

iBid increases your independence to help cut the costly expense of event support.

Fewer Traffic Jams

Guests use their phones to check in and confirm their donations. This eliminates the need for long lines.

Better Results

Mobile bidding leads to more overall bids. Each guests next bid is just a click away whether they’re at dinner or on the golfing green.

Greater Audience

With iBid your guests can bid from anywhere. Start your auction early to help give your proceeds a boost. Even guest who can’t make it to the event can still participate.

We Are Here For Your Success

Our Goal

Don’t let the cost of an auction service get between you and your event’s proceeds. We designed iBid to increase your independence and increase bidder activity to ultimately offset our cost.


When you start an event with iBid you are not alone. iBid is designed to minimize the need for external support but we’re always ready for your questions when you need us.


No need for a major investment before you know your proceeds. Our cost is based on your success, which makes us invested in your cause.

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